Join our Quest as we take over Virtual Reality in the real world! We offer unique in-person VR gaming experiences at special events all across the United States.

VR Gaming

We have the ability to be hyper mobile for VR deployments using standalone Quest 2 VR systems or work with our partners to bring high fidelity PC VR using Valve Index headsets.

  • Location Based Virtual Reality expertise
  • VR Game room services
  • VR Demos services
  • Organized VR Esport services

Chat with us on how we can add VR experiences to your event!


We want as many people to enjoy and experience what VR has to offer and we don’t charge guests or attendees to play. We coordinate with events, volunteers and sponsors to grow our community and have fun!

Follow along on our Quest as we bring out the Quest 2’s!


If you are interested in VR gaming and organized VR esports at your event, please contact us below for more information.