About Us

Our mission is to showcase, operate and organize Free-To-Play VR game rooms and VR Esports at Anime, Comic and Gaming conventions. We partner with United Gaming League for organized in-person VR Esports and VR deployments of both PC VR and standalone VR systems. We own our own equipment and work directly with game developers to curate specific games; teaching new gamers and VR veterans alike.

Let us handle virtually all of the VR logistics with our trained VR staff. We can provide the following to event promoters, sponsors & partners:

  • VR hardware, production equipment & logistics organization
  • Trained staff, brand ambassadors & volunteer services
  • VR product knowledge & expertise
  • Organized Esport services
  • Curated game demos
  • VR Technical support
Meta Quest 2 Standalone VR Gaming

Our success is directly tied to your success as we operate our retail store front at events; we want all of our shows to excel and work hard to see our virtual world a reality. We partner directly with hardware, software and game developers & collaborate with sponsors to reduce overhead costs, increase added value to events and showcase products that we actually enjoy.

Join our quest in becoming an 8 Bit Baz partner, sponsor or team member.

8 Bit Baz is a division of Baz LLC, the chopstick & puzzle company.